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78: Ride More Often, Take An Off-Road Course...What's Your New Year's Resolution?

As we wrap up 2015, we thank all of you, our listeners, our guests and our sponsors. Wherever in the world you are, whatever your customs and traditions... dare to dream and always take the high road.

76: Michelle Hope - The Motorcycle Gypsy

Perhaps her name says it all, but when you hear Michelle Hope speak, it really instills in us the possibilities of throwing caution to the wind

75: Mushers & Motorcycles - The 9 Minute Moto Film Festival

Nevil Stow, an ex-dogsled guide, is a world adventure motorcycle rider. His fervor for riding and other adventures, has progressed into the 9 Minute Moto Film Festival at the Mad Dog Cafe in Dead Mans Flats in Alberta...Talk motorcycles, and Max Stratton gets excited. His enthusiasm and passion for motorcycling is heard in his voice...

74: Have Dog, Will Travel - Mallory Paige, Baylor and Rufio star in Operation Moto Dog

Fear of not knowing enough, not having enough money or not having the right equipment. Fear of what our friends or family might think, fear of being alone. The biggest hurdle is getting past all that, and making up your mind to just do it. 

73: Michelle Lamphere - Sturgis to Ushuaia Via Labrador

Michelle Lamphere had a high stress career with a six-figure salary, that was eating up her life. She only found time to ride one of her motorcycles on weekends, something she loved to do. Until one day Michelle met Brian,

72: Forest People and Picture Books

Shirley Hardy Rix and Brian Rix are seasoned world travellers and they have most recently been on a trip which includes Russia and the Stans. We’ve had them on the show in previous episodes giving us mini updates as to how their journey was going, and now, being back again in Australia

71: Motorcycle & Gear Security for Travel

Wanting some great answers on bike security, we figured the best place to turn to were the people who ride, the experts who have travelled to many different destinations in the world, and who would have the experience first hand on how to protect your motorcycle and gear from thieves. 

68: Different Natures - 12 Years of Riding - Graham Field

Graham Field, motorcycle traveller and adventure author, talks about his newest book, Different Natures, a book based on his diary offering an honest and open insight in to Graham’s life and his experiences on his journeys covering a twelve year period, and three separate North American trips.

67: Tire Repair Techniques and Tools for Motorcycles

Flat tires will stop your adventure quickly but it's a non-issue if you have the correct tools and the know-how. David Peterson, inventor and owner of BestRest Products, has some great tips and instruction for motorcycle tire repair, both for tubeless and tube type tires. We discuss some new tools and techniques that you may not have heard about before.

66: Scooter Tramp Scotty: Living on the Road - Tipping the Scale Between Freedom and Stuff

Some go for a few months, some for a few years. Scotty Kerekes has been living on the road for twenty-one years.

Riding Boots with Bret Tkacs from PSS Off Road: Do You Need Them or Not?

65: Walter Colebatch - Sibirsky Extreme

Well known adventurer on the ADVRider forum for his exploits in to Russia, Mongolia and the Stans, Walter Colebatch is considered to be an expert in that area of travel by motorcycle. His help is sought after by many who are planning to travel to those areas.

63: Jacqui Kennedy - Australian Postie Adventures

With a true love for adventure and fun, Jacqui has been riding since she was 18 years old, and has toured around Europe twice on a scooter! In the last two years Jacqui Kennedy has been riding her Postie bike, which she calls Mo, around Australia and has covered over 47,000 km.

62: Because I Can World Tour - Sherri Jo Wilkins

Sherri Jo was born in the United States and had always longed to travel the world. At a young age, she was bit by the travel bug and longed for adventure. After riding a motorcycle for many years in the United States, she decided to go on a solo motorcycle trip around the world. Starting out in Australia, she stayed on the road for more than three years. Great tips on solo travel and more.

61: Big Wheels - Woody's Wheel Works - Jo Rust Motorbike ADV

After circumnavigating Africa, Jo Rust doesn’t know the meaning of taking a break. She’s now training to try to be the first female on the South Africa team at the BMW GS Trophy in 2016. She’s an off-road instructor and been appointed a BMW Ambassador...

60: Against All Odds - Bernard Smith - Cathy Birchall

Bernard Smith was told it was too dangerous to take a blind woman around the world. But, with Bernard as her pilot, Cathy Birchall was the first blind woman to circle the world by motorcycle...

59: Dream Racer - Extreme Motorbike Adventure - Christophe Barriere-Varju

The Dakar Rally is the world’s toughest off-road endurance race, an annual event where racers push themselves to the limit to compete in what has been said to be the most dangerous race, with great challenges in extreme conditions. And Christophe Barriere-Varju has been one of those die-hard competitors, having been in the Dakar Rally four times...

57: Finding Good People of The World

Born in East Germany, travel writer and photographer Ramona Schwartz grew up under Communist dictatorship and only knew freedom when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. She travelled for 6 years around the world, and to this day is still adventuring with her husband, Herbert with two kids in tow in the side car.