MotoTravel Series

Adventure Rider Radio’s exclusive MotoTravel Series featuring motorcycle riders and adventurers from around the world. Each season we will follow a rider or riders’ adventure trip, from beginning to end. You’ll get an intimate perspective of how things unfold in near real time.

Image: Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West

Image: Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West

Season 1: Southward Chronicles

This season’s motorcycle travel adventurers are Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West from Alberta, Canada. After four attempts at getting to South America in the last two decades, Jeremy is having a go at it again, and this time with his girlfriend Elle. Both are experienced riders and have been as far as Panama, but never further, and their goal on this trip is to get to Ushuaia.

Jeremy and Elle have been together for a couple of years, lived in different cities and spent weekends together. They haven’t lived together or spent any significant extended time together. They describe themselves as fiercely independent people, they’re both experienced riders and they have both done long motorcycle trips, but not with each other. This is the first time that they are spending this much time together.

Jeremy described their planned trip as that they are on separate, but parallel journeys. They’re travelling together but are riding separate motorcycles, and taking separate gear, including camping equipment. They’re fully prepared to go their separate ways if that should happen, for whatever reason. There’s some distinct personality differences to deal with as well, so follow along as we hear from both Jeremy and Elle as they grow and change separately and together on this journey.