69: Africa Motorcycle Diaries - Spencer Conway


In November, 2009, Spencer Conway left for a 9 month journey around Africa on his Yamaha XT660. His journey was documented by Diesel Films in partnership with the Discovery Channel. Although he was followed around by the film company for parts of the trip, they were not allowed to offer any assistance as the trip was to be completely solo and without a support team. The plan was to complete the tour and raise money for Save the Children UK for it’s projects in Africa. He experienced a great deal on this trip, being shot at by armed bandits, stoned by angry villagers and being robbed.


Much has come of the adventure including a book that he is in the process of writing and a six episode programme on UK and Europe TV this November on the Travel Channel.

Website: www.africa-bike-adventure.com

Travel Channel promo: https://youtu.be/zoSO_Dn_a3s

Save the Children UK: http://www.savethechildren.org.uk

Part 2

The Great Australian Ride - Stuart Ball

An epic 21 day adventure ride across Australia to raise funds for SIDS and Kids. 


Website: http://www.thegreataustralianride.com

SIDS and kids: www.sidsandkidsqld.org



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