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Coach Ramey Stroud - 'My Voice in Their Head'

On some of our past Rider Skills episodes you’ve heard the voice of Coach Ramey Stroud, who headed up the Cascade Endurance Centre rider training complex on his ranch in Oregon. After a horrific racing accident when he was 56 years old, he was told that he would never walk again. But, years of determination and perseverance proved doctors wrong. He finished the race that had broken his back, rode around the world on his motorcycle with a sidecar, and started his training centre. Last week, Coach Ramey Stroud passed away, a tremendous loss to the riding community. But, his voice and teachings live on for many, including in the minds of those he has influenced through training, and for us and our listeners on Adventure Rider Radio.

Ace Cafe | Legends, Mods & Rockers | Mark Wilsmore

The Ace Cafe is a place for petrolheads, people who love the smell of gasoline and oil, motorbikes and cars, to hang out and talk to each other, to swap ideas, to show their vehicles, to enjoy themselves, sit down, have a meal and a cup of coffee with like minded people. The story behind the Ace Cafe is one of setbacks and resurrection, and is best told by the person who has kept the legend alive for motorcyclists around the world, Mark Wilsmore.