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Welcome to Adventure Rider Radio, founded in 2014 ARR is at the forefront bringing you the most respected motorcycle riders, industry leaders, mover and shakers as well as moto-travellers. It's a show for ALL motorcyclists that enjoy riding, motorcycles and adventure - Knobbies not required. ARR features motorcycle adventure stories and industry pros talking tech and technique and much more.

OUR STORY: Who are Jim & Elizabeth?

So, we've had a lot of people ask about us, because they hear about the people on our shows, but never about us. So... here we go...

Jim goes by Jim. 

And Elizabeth also goes by Beth, sometimes called Liz by those who don’t really know her but want to shorten her name. Yes, Elizabeth is hard to say but when we say Beth, we get Bev a lot. So, we'll go by Elizabeth here.

Jim and Elizabeth have been business owners since a young age. We always do things the hard way (or is it stupid?)… we’d rather do what we love than make a lot of money. Kind of backwards, but life is short.

What have we done in the past to make our meagre (well, can’t lie, sometimes we did all right from it) but fun living? At 18 we started selling new products, ever heard of the Stowaway Bag Rack? The thing you put your plastic shopping bags on for garbage? The steel frame thing? Well, we helped refine the product and started selling those for the original inventor, of course there are a lot of different ones out there now, but hey, we got in at the get go. Made a few bucks. Enough to buy gas for our truck. We also did some wholesaling of different products to gas stations and convenience stores, keep in mind we're in our late teens and for us this was a huge deal. And we learned a lot. 

Between times, Jim worked as a mechanic and in electronics repair. Elizabeth was managed service stations, did book-keeping for a crane company and worked as a supervisor at an answering service. 

As teens and young adults, we were heavily in to exploring, camping, and off-roading. We owned a few different 4x4 trucks and a Jeep over the years, and at one time an ATC. We spent every single weekend up north in the back country running a trail system, which was so complex with trails going every which way and some of the most difficult four wheeling we’ve ever experienced (we still go off-roading in our Jeep).

Then we published 4x4 truck calendars and had a go at a couple of successful magazines, OffRoad Canada and Light Truck Action way back in the 90’s. Did that for about 10 years or so. (The kids came along during that time period, four of them, yes we tend to overdo things sometimes).

When we started keeping house, we mostly lived off the grid. At one time we lived on an island, where our kids went by boat to school. We built a small off-grid house, where we homeschooled for a while (that was short-lived, just a year before the school bus was a welcome sight).

Jim got tired of seeing the inside of an office all the time (Elizabeth was a stay at home mom and more than ready to get back to work) we got in to taking people on wilderness adventure trips. Saw some whales… well a lot of whales… but when we got itchy feet we decided to get in to podcasting.

How did we get in to podcasting? 

Jim rode a mini bike he built himself when he was a kid, then he got his first motorcycle at 21. A Honda Shadow 550. And a couple more street bikes after that. Having kids meant giving all our toys up for a while. No motorcycles, no fancy 4x4’s. But we did have ATV’s. And about 10 years ago, he got back in to motorcycling in a big way. Jim loves exploring backroads and challenging routes or just covering some distance. No time for the RTW yet, he’s more in to technical riding right now.

But, with motorcycling being one of Jim’s great passions, and with a lifelong interest in audio, which he had been dabbling in for some time (did some podcasts for our tourism company), what was more natural than a motorcycle podcast?

Elizabeth (Beth) has worked by Jim’s side, without her he can’t get much done. So, she’s the organizer. She absolutely loves travel and history. She doesn’t ride a motorcycle, but she does ride pillion with Jim. She had her learner motorcycle license and a Yamaha Serow a few years ago, but had a health setback and stopped riding and didn’t take it up again… yet. But, the outdoors, camping, Jeeping and exploring are huge passions of hers, and she’d rather be in the wilderness than city, any time, and so would Jim.

We sold our little house a few years ago, when the kids grew up and have been living a semi nomadic lifestyle since. Renting a house out West in the winters and on the road from June to September. 

I guess you could say we’re digital nomads. We tow our trailer behind our Jeep, which we custom converted in to a toy hauler for the motorcycle. It’s also our home for the summer (sometimes we tent it) and our recording and production studio for our podcasts.

We don’t have a big staff (yet), it’s just the two of us. But, all things considered, we do pretty well… we produce two podcasts, Adventure Rider Radio and ARR RAW. Some have speculated that we’re retired, we’re not. This is how we make our living, it’s a full time gig for us.

One day, we hope to have enough income to hire some staff, so that Jim can find more time to ride and Elizabeth can raise some chickens and have a garden. 

And, that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. 

Thanks for your interest in us and our podcasts,
Jim & Elizabeth

P.S. We believe you can do anything you want to do, if you just set your mind to it. And that's the motto we have always lived by. So, if you you have a dream, believe you can do it and you will find a way, somehow.

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