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First, we want to say THANK YOU to you, for listening to the show, it means so much to us!

Adventure Rider Radio has grown in leaps and bounds and thanks to our listeners is in the top 5% of all genre podcasts in the world, and the #1 motorcycle podcast.

For more than 5 years, we’ve been committed to delivering to you the most informative, entertaining, technical and skills stories possible.

Supporting the Show

Your show is the best thing on the Internet right now. Forget Facebook, you deserve to be a 10 Billion dollar company. Thanks for your contribution to the community. I was wondering just the other day how many people you have saved from a potential accident. $50 is just a drop in the bucket of information i have been drinking from. Thank you both for your great shows!
— S.G. your neighbor from Skagit Valley, WA.

We often get asked by listeners how they can help the show, and if you’d like to support ARR, there’s lots of ways in which you can:

  • Tell your friends, family, riding buddies or club about the show, either by word of mouth or on social media, it can go a long way to help the show continue to grow.

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  • And last, but not least, is by supporting us financially with a donation. Your financial support means a lot to us and helps us to keep the show going and growing, bringing the best episodes to you that we possibly can. Support us monthly on Patreon, or do a one time donation by credit card or through PayPal.

Your help makes all the difference!

Jim & Elizabeth

Our Favorite type of support! - So we can count on it each month.

We are strong believers in user funded projects and feel that we all should support the things we enjoy and consume. Think about when you get your daily coffee, tea, donuts or movie rental and how much that costs, and then what you get from Adventure Rider Radio, the value of that and consider helping ARR by becoming a monthly supporter through Patreon.

Patreon - Monthly Support

Support ARR monthly by choosing one of the tiers on our Patreon page. Each tier has different 'rewards' including AD-FREE episodes. It only takes a small amount of support to help, but don’t wait for others to do it. We need you!

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Our Way of Saying THANK YOU!

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THANK YOU so much for your support!

We are truly grateful to have you as a listener and a shout out to everyone who has supported us in the past 5 years, and to those who continue to support us now.

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