Graham Field - Different Natures - The Book


Jim & Graham regal the listener with an entertaining and engaging conversation highlighting Graham Fields new book, Different Natures. The book, based on his diaries, is an honest and open insight in to Graham’s life, his experiences on his journeys covering a twelve year period, and three separate North American trips. This is Graham’s third book, it’s an inspiring read and a must have. You can go to Graham’s website to buy any of his books or buy all three in Graham's replica pannier book set.



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Lost For a Reason

JJ Lewis and Ron Grace come on to ARR to tell us about how they got started with Lost For A Reason, a charity founded to benefit children and families on the Navajo Reservation. It’s a charity founded by bikers, a group collaborative to help others. Listen in to find out what it’s all about, and maybe be inspired to contribute, volunteer or even start your own organization.



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