64: Cultural Speed Bumps


In Pakistan, women’s mobility in public is a major social issue. There are socially sanctioned rules which indicate how a woman may sit as a passenger on a motorcycle. But, Zenith Irfan, a 20 year old female student in Pakistan, has become a heroin to women who want to have the independence and choice to ride a motorcycle. Zenith says that there is a social taboo for women motorcycle riders in Pakistan, but one of her goals is to stop the gender stereotyping and encourage Pakistani women to follow their dreams. 

Inspired by her father’s unrealized dream to travel the world by motorcycle, and encouraged by her liberal mother, Zenith travelled the treacherous terrain of the Pak-occupied Kashmir belt in northern Pakistan on a solo motorcycle adventure for one week. 

She is an icon for women riders around the world, crossing barriers and making the choice to… just ride no matter what.

Twitter: @ZeniXeni

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zenithirfan.zi

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