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Adventure Rider Radio is the most popular adventure motorcycle travel podcast in the world, and it's also the original. This weekly audio adventure into the motorcycle and travel world is a professional production born of passion for ADV style adventure. Husband and wife team of Jim Martin and Elizabeth Martin work hard to bring you stories and information in ways you have not likely heard anywhere else.

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Where To Listen

Adventure Rider Radio can be found everywhere podcasts are downloaded, including right here from this website. If you are already downloading podcasts, just search your favourite player for Adventure Rider Radio. If your player doesn't have, then maybe its time for a new player. :) Available and recognized by the big players in the podcast app business, ARR is on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher and should be found on all players. Let us know if you would like to find it somewhere and can't here.

ARR Audio Player

Below is a player that lists all the episodes right from day one. You can download directly from this player or just stream and listen. Explore our listings by year through the above links on this page or search for terms that you may be interested in right here.

Our Other Show - ARR RAW

Once per month, these respected travellers meet and talk... This is ARR RAW.

Don't forget we also have another show called ARR RAW. ARR RAW is roundtable talks once per month with seasoned travellers often answering listener questions about travel by motorcycle. It is unscripted and raw so sometimes we have to mark it as explicit. Find out more about ARR RAW here.