76: Michelle Hope - The Motorcycle Gypsy

Perhaps her name says it all, but when you hear Michelle Hope speak, it really instills in us the possibilities of throwing caution to the wind and choosing to live life to the fullest. That may be different for everyone, but for Michelle who had done the 9-5 job and raised her kids, it meant living like a gypsy, living on the road on a motorcycle. 
When Michelle met a motorcycle traveller, Scooter Tramp Scotty, who had been living off his bike for over a decade, she was inspired by his way of life, and she made the decision to buy a bike and learn to ride. 
Since 2006 she has been living off her bike, only stopping for two years to go to school, and since February 2015 she has been making a ‘viable drifter income’ doing spiritual healing massage work on the road. 
She travels with her companion, Two-Lane, who is a little hairy but very loving. And has moved on to her second bike, bought for her by a complete stranger, someone she has never met before and has never met again.
The road is the only home Michelle knows now, and the only home she wants to know for as long as she can.

Website: www.simplynomadic.wordpress.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/simplynomadic

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