61: Big Wheels - Woody's Wheel Works - Jo Rust Motorbike ADV


Jolandie Rust 

After circumnavigating Africa, Jo Rust doesn’t know the meaning of taking a break. She’s now training to try to be the first female on the South Africa team at the BMW GS Trophy in 2016. She’s an off-road instructor and been appointed a BMW Ambassador. Oh, and did we mention she also runs the BMW GS Trophy Fans page and BMW GS Girls? They say if you want something done, give it to a busy person… well Jo is certainly a busy person and she gets things done! 


Spokes vs Cast with T.G. “Woody” Witte

When we decided to do a tech piece on spoke vs cast wheels, we asked around a bit, and the name that kept coming up was Woody from Woody’s Wheel Works in Denver, Colorado. They’ve been around since 1973 and that certainly says something about their expertise and qualifications. Woody is known for the incredibly strong spoke wheels he builds for Dakar racers, show cruisers and solar powered vehicles. On this show we talk about the difference between spoke and cast wheels and their applications, we learn how to check spoked wheels to ensure safe and proper operations and to know when they need service. And when you might want to use a spoked wheel over a cast wheel.

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