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55: Lawrence Hacking - Dakar Racer, David Peterson Motorcycle Product Inventor

David Peterson is a motorcyclist, inventor and entrepreneur that has contributed plenty to our motorcycle community. On this episode we feature David in our MotoMogul segment.

Lawrence Hacking is a motorcycle racer and has been since 1971, he is an author and journalist and is the organizer of his own successful rally called Lawrence Hacking’s Adventure Rally held each year in Ontario, Canada.

Spencer Hill reviews a tent he feels is a good fit for adventure motorcyclist

54: Adventure Trio - Family Motorcycle Travel / Alex Chacon

Travelling with your kids by motorcycle through foreign countries could be one of the best bonding agents and the Adventure Trio, Jack, Terry and Sandy Borden, are doing just that. Life is not always easy for them on the road, in fact they clearly say that it's not all roses, but in the end the scale is heavily weighted to the positive side for life experience, family bonding and pure adventure. he Bordens talk about what caused them to hit the road and what is was like preparing for and ultimately living on the road.

Alex Chacon

Alex Chacon is well known for his amazing videos, especially the selfie video that may have sparked the selfie video craze, and on this episode Alex talks more about video and getting your video seen by millions.

53: Fifty Years on The Road with Linda Bootherstone-Bick

Linda Bootherstone-Bick has travelled the world by motorcycle for over fifty years and continues to ride. For her upcoming seventieth birthday she is planning to ride South America and be with friends playing her music.

On this episode Linda talks about what a lifetime of motorbike travel feels like to her. Linda has never lived a "normal" life as such so she may be the most seasoned moto-traveller you'll ever hear.

52: Lois Pryce | How I Found What I Wanted To Do In Life | Motorcycle Adventure

Tired of the cubicle job at BBC, in 2003 at 29 years old Lois quit her job and set out on a solo adventure riding her 225 Yamaha Serow from Alaska to Ushuaia. You can read about her adventures travelling to the southern most town in the world, at the tip of Argentina in her book, Lois on the Loose.

49: Robert Wicks Adventure Books & Crash Bars that Crash Well?

Robert Wicks is a prolific author and motorcycle adventurer. He has written four in depth books on adventure motorcycling that cover the complete range of prepping, planning and riding your motorbike. Robert has travelled extensively in Africa and Iceland and is a wealth of knowledge.

Crash Bars
Are your bars any good? Your mounting points may be the deciding factor when buying crash bars but there is so much to know. What you should be asking when buying a set of crash bars.


48: South America on Small Displacement Motorbikes | Going to Africa With Autism

Elisa Wirkala has done a fair bit of motorcycle adventure travel. On this episode Elisa talks about frugal travel on small displacement bikes in South America.

47: Motorcycle Adventures in Peru

Destination Peru

Peru may be the ultimate adventure motorcycling destination. Alberto Lara and Naomi Tweddle share their travel experience about Peru.

46: Embracing Change and Why You Need It

Meet Jacqui Furneaux, a housewife and nurse, who found that life had changed as she approached her 50th birthday. Jacqui, who has a love for travel decided to embark on an a year’s journey, backpacking in Thailand and South-East Asia then to Pakistan and India. 

45: Sam Marcora - Rider Fatigue, What Motorcyclists Have in Common With Soldiers

Sam travelled 13,000 miles, just shy of 21,000 Kilometres from London England to Beijing China with 14 other riders ona GlobeBusters Expedition to study the eefects of fatigue on the body of motorcyclists doing long distance travel.

Is coffee effective at combating fatigue? 
How long before you need to stop for a break?
Does riding make us fat?
and much more...

44: ADV Motorcycle Suspension II with Touratech and Traxxion Dynamics

Max McAllister from Traxxion Dynamics and Iain Glynn from Touratech USA have loads of tips and explainations for both front and rear motorcycle suspensions.

42: In For A Shock! Grant Johnson, Ted Porter and Jim Martin

You're in for a shock, literally with this episode that focuses on suspension. So much to learn and all from the experts. Grant Johnson walks us through the basics and Ted Porter answers some hard questions on suspension and if you think this isn't about you - think again.

40: Should You Take an Off-Road Riding School Course? | China Motorcycle Documentary in the Making

We look at off-road riding schools beginning with PSSOR this week. Do you really need lessons to ride your adventure bike off road or can you learn through the school of hard knocks. After-all isn't that how the pros learned?

39: Herbert Schwarz - Not a Typical CEO - Still Living the Dream

Herbert Schwarz is not your typical CEO. He does run an expanding business with three hundred plus employees but his real passion is what got his company started - adventure motorcycling.

38: Carla King - Russia Comes to America in a Rough State

 On this episode Carla talks about her book and motorcycle adventures in general.

Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited gives a chain adjustment instruction guarenteed to turn your difficult chain adjustment into a five minute breeze. :)

37: Glen Heggstad - Motorcycle Trip Gone Wrong / Right?

Glen was captured in Colombia by rebel guerrillas and held prisoner. He was tortured, starved, beaten and abused during his five weeks in captivity but he managed to stage his imminent death which won him freedom.

36: It's Snowing - Perfect Riding Weather? Doris Wiedemann

Doris Wiedemann is an author, journalist and world motorbike traveller and she loves riding her bike in winter snow. Yep, you read that correctly, winter snow. You can hear it in her voice, she really loves riding in slippery, cold snow on two wheels.