Should You Take an Off-Road Riding School Course? | China Motorcycle Documentary in the Making


Off-Road Training School - Attend or Skip?

We look at off-road riding schools beginning with PSSOR this week. Do you really need lessons to ride your adventure bike off road or can you learn through the school of hard knocks. After-all isn't that how the pros learned? Join ARR's Jim Martin and Bret Tkacs from PSSOR on this episode of Adventure Rider Radio.


New Feature: GEMS

Our new feature Gems, is a focus on great riding areas or destinations that are not mainstream through the eyes of locals who know them intimately. You need to listen to this so you don't miss some incredible rides as you travel.
On this weeks Gem, Spencer Hill shines some light on a great riding and camping area that you have likely ridden right past. It's location? The Pacific NorthWest of the US.

Spencer Hill

Allan Karl Goes to China

Allan Karl is the author of FORKS, the book and now he is about to embark on a journey to China to produce a multi episode documentary for television.