43: Ted Simon of Jupiter's Travels

Ted Simon talks about his life, his world famous book, Jupiter's travels and his view on adventure travel and what adventure means to him and some of Ted's friends drop by Adventure Rider Radio to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Image: Ted Simon

Image: Ted Simon

Ted Simon's books are available from his website and if you already have Jupiter's Travels, be sure to order his Jupiter's Travels in Camera for the pictorial of this incredible story.

Jupiter's Travels is an incredible book, engaging, inspirational and incredibly entertaining. No wonder it remains in print, forty years after the fact.

To find out more about Ted Simon go to his website at http://jupitalia.com/.

Ted Simon Foundation: Jupiter’s Travellers: http://jupiterstravellers.org/

Everything is either mundane or miraculous, depending on how you look at it.
— Ted Simon Interview on Adventure Rider Radio