37: Glen Heggstad - Motorcycle Trip Gone Wrong / Right?


Glen Heggstad had some tough beginnings, including foster homes and living on the street. He travelled at the age of 16 and joined a bike gang in his early twenties but soon changed his ways and took up martial arts. Learning progressed to teaching and soon Glen had the most successful martial arts school in his area and became well respected for his school and his work with troubled youth.

Glen then decided to retire from martial arts competition and loaded his motorcycle for adventure heading south for Tierra del Fuego. Except it didn't quite work out as planned, Glen was captured in Colombia by rebel guerrillas and held prisoner. He was tortured, starved, beaten and abused during his five weeks in captivity but he managed to stage his imminent death which won him freedom.

After that horrific ordeal he didn't even go home, Glen had his original goal still in his sights and never let go. - He rode to Tierra del Fuego as planned. Incredible story.

Visit Glen Heggstad's website at http://www.strikingviking.net