46: Embracing Change and Why You Need It


Jacqui Furneaux found that life had changed as she approached her 50th birthday. Jacqui, who has a love for travel decided to embark on an a year’s journey, backpacking in Thailand and South-East Asia then to Pakistan and India. There she met a Dutchman who inspired another change for her. She bought herself a Royal Enfield to celebrate her birthday, and although none of it was planned, she decided life was too short and she took a chance. 

Nate Hudson, an experienced rider since the age of 16, is about to take a 17,000 mile trip to promote Allstate’s “Ride for Awareness”. On this road trip he will cross all 50 states to raise awareness about the role that motorists play to help protect motorcyclists. Nate has some surprising statistics that prove how important this campaign is.

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