Motorcycle Messengers 2 - Jeremy Kroeker | Rider Skills: Back to Basics - Clinton Smout

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Motorcycle Messengers 2

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Jeremy Kroeker has put together a sequel to his book, Motorcycle Messengers, featuring motorcycle travel stories by many authors who’s names you’ve already heard on ARR (see list below) and some that may be new to you. A variety of short stories, hours of inspiring reads, sure to put the bug under your seat and get you moving to plan your next adventure.

Jeremy Kroeker is the author of Motorcycle Therapy and Through Dust and Darkness, and the editor and publisher of Motorcycle Messengers and Motorcycle Messengers 2.


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RIDER SKILLS: Basic Off-Road Skills All Riders Should Practice - Clinton Smout

You know how athletes will practice the basics over and over as a foundation for all skills? Like a basketball player shooting hoops again and again to make sure his skills are muscle memory rather than thought driven? Well the same thing can apply to motorcycle riders, and Clinton Smout, instructor at and owner of SMART Adventures, teaches us some basic repetitive skills that you can do to enhance your off-road riding experience.

Clinton Smout - S.M.A.R.T Adventure Programs

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For over 20 years, Clinton Smout has been instructing motorcycle riders, ATV riders and snowmobilers at Smart Adventures located at the Horseshoe Resort in Ontario, Canada.

DISCLAIMER: This segment is not intended as a substitute for taking a rider training course. We recommend that you work with a professional trainer before trying any of the techniques discussed, or do so at your own risk. Canoe West Media, Adventure Rider Radio and Clinton Smout do not assume any responsibilities for injury and damages, including and not limited to, yourself, another person, motorcycle, etc. 

Image: Clinton Smout - S.M.A.R.T Adventures - Ontario, Canada -

Authors in Motorcycle Messengers 2 - Heard on Adventure Rider Radio


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