32: Ed March Rachel Lasham Riding The World on Honda C90 Motorbikes



Here’s proof that you don’t need a big motorcycle to have a real adventure. Ed and his trusty Honda C90 have travelled around the world, visiting 36 countries and covering over 70,000 miles. 

Seven months ago, Ed and Rachel Lasham from England, began a journey from Alaska to Argentina each on their own Honda C90. 

They don’t just want to make time though, they decided to take a side trip to explore Canada from coast to coast, adding almost 20,000 km to their trip. Although it’s the middle of winter, they aren’t letting that stop them! 

Ed and Rachel regal us with stories of their adventures, people they meet and challenges they face (perhaps cold weather camping could be one of those…brrrrr!) A couple of fun loving folks, they are creating memories to last a lifetime, both for themselves and everyone they meet.

Ed’s Website: http://www.c90adventures.co.uk

Rachel’s Blog: http://wanderonahonda.co.uk

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/c90adventures

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