Riding the Ancestor Trail - A Journey of Self Discovery - Liz Jansen

Image & Cover Image: Liz Jansen

Image & Cover Image: Liz Jansen

Born in to a German Mennonite family, Liz Jansen discovered motorcycling when she was sixteen years old. What began as riding her brother’s motorcycle on the farm she was raised on in Ontario, soon turned in to a life long passion for Liz.

Liz got married and went on to become a registered nurse and later ended up working in human resources. But, after being married for twenty-five years, Liz left her career and marriage. She then went on a two month motorcycle trip through Canada and the United State, to try to figure out what was next for her in life. She’s since written three books, is a councillor and presenter at events.

Image: Liz Jansen

Image: Liz Jansen

Liz’s third book, Crash Landing, tells the story of her quest to find the answers to how her ancestral background made her who she was. The faith that had kept her ancestors going when they came to Canada over a century ago, had made Liz feel ‘terrorized and almost suffocated’. Living what she called a ‘life of mediocrity’, she looked for the answers in her past.

Just three weeks in to the trip, she had a devastating motorcycle crash that forced her to end the trip, and spend the next two years recuperating back in Orangeville, Ontario. Even with some major setbacks, Liz still got back on her motorcycle two years later, and visiting the places her ancestors had lived, she continued to ride, searching for answers. And although it wasn’t what she expected, she found what she was looking for.

Website: https://lizjansen.com

Crash Landing is available in print on Liz Jansen’s website and on Amazon. Digital copies also available on Amazon. For more information go to https://lizjansen.com/where-to-buy-crash-landing/.

For a full list of what Liz Jansen offers, including workshops and retreats, go to her website https://lizjansen.com.

Images: Liz Jansen

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