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Lisa & Simon Thomas - Motorcycle Adventurers - Beyond the Point of No Return?

his isn't a story about a long road trip, it's about living on the road. Lisa and Simon don't think about the end of the road, or plan for a flight home, because the road is their home. They usually sleep in a tent, they cook outside, and they wouldn't have it any other way. And after 13 years of living off their bikes, with nature as their kitchen and bedroom back drop, there are no plans to settle down, at least not yet and who knows if ever?

The Adventure Trio Returns - Terry, Sandy & Jack Borden

There's a saying that it isn't what you do in life that you will regret, it's what you don't do.  With that thought in mind, the Borden family made a decision to go on a motorcycle adventure as a family. And once they made the decision, they knew there was no turning back.

Sub-Frames with Grant Johnson & Riding Gear Review - Darien Jacket & AD1 Pants with Andy Goldfine

Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited talks about motorcycle sub-frames. Why they break. How much weight you can put on your bike. How to calculate pay load. Staying within weight capacity.

David L. Hough on Counter Steering Motorcycles & Max Stratton on Charging Systems

79 year old David L. Hough has been riding motorcycles for more than 50 years. He and his wife, Diana, have travelled extensively by motorcycles in North & South America, central Europe, the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. While employed at The Boeing Company in Seattle for more than 36 years, he mostly commuted to work by motorcycle. 

Best Tips for Extended Motorcycle Travel & Carl Reese - Endurance Rider Cannonball Run Record

You’ve probably heard of the Cannonball Baker or Cannonball Run. In 1933 Erwin George “Cannon Ball” Baker drove from New York City to Los Angeles in a Graham-Paige model 57 Blue Streak 8 in 53.5 hours. No one broke that record for 40 years.

44: ADV Motorcycle Suspension II with Touratech and Traxxion Dynamics

Max McAllister from Traxxion Dynamics and Iain Glynn from Touratech USA have loads of tips and explainations for both front and rear motorcycle suspensions.

42: In For A Shock! Grant Johnson, Ted Porter and Jim Martin

You're in for a shock, literally with this episode that focuses on suspension. So much to learn and all from the experts. Grant Johnson walks us through the basics and Ted Porter answers some hard questions on suspension and if you think this isn't about you - think again.

9: Sam Manicom Talks Travel & Motorcycles - Part 2

ARR's Jim Martin and Sam Manicom continue from Part 1 with stories, tips and recommendations. Listen to Part 1 if you haven't yet.

Also, in this episode we hear an excerpt from Sam's new audio version of Into Africa read by the author himself.

5: That's Not My Bag Baby! Soft Panniers, Wheel Bearing Temperatures and Earbuds

Soft luggage, waterproofing system for any bags that is 100% water tight!

Keeping track of wheel bearing temperatures without a thermometer and why you should care and how to make the BEST earbuds for motorcycling ever - in your own home on the cheap.

It's all in the bag baby and that's not my bag! Here are some tech tips - how to keep your gear dry in any bag, how to monitor those ever important wheel bearing temps and why you should care...