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7 Great Reasons & Excuses for a Motorcycle Adventure | All Roads Lead to Manchester with Pete Johnson

Anyone who rides a motorcycle probably knows what it’s like to find any excuse or reason to ride. Some commute to work, some run all their errands using their bike… out of milk? No problem. Even though it’s easier to jump in your car, you’ll put all your gear on just to ride your bike around the corner. Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend jaunt, or perhaps an even longer adventure, it’s always in the back of a motorcyclists mind just what reason or excuse can they find to ride.

Motorcycle Books - Resource, Preparation and Entertainment & California Lane Splitting Made Legal - Will it Pave the Way?

Between 1440 and 1450, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. But, history shows that printing has been around long before Gutenberg's invention. As early as 220, the Chinese were block printing, putting ink on wooden blocks and pressing them on cloth and then hundreds of years later, on paper.