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Between 1440 and 1450, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. But, history shows that printing has been around long before Gutenberg's invention. As early as 220, the Chinese were block printing, putting ink on wooden blocks and pressing them on cloth and then hundreds of years later, on paper.

Before the press was invented, Europeans either painstakingly copied written word by hand or used a method similar to the Chinese block printing called Xylography. Both were laborious and time consuming, and because of this, book choices were limited and costly. But, it was Gutenberg who facilitated books being mass produced throughout Europe at a fraction of the cost. 

Graham Field - Motorcycle Adventure Author

Graham Field - Motorcycle Adventure Author

So, it's with thanks to Gutenberg that we have so many books available to us to learn or to immerse ourselves in for pleasure. Authors can take us on adventures, to the places they have been, describing the sights, sounds and smells in such vivid detail that we feel we are there, experiencing it for ourselves. We also read inspirational books that teach us to appreciate life, to feel good and get the most out of it we can. And books that teach us about things, show us how-to or teach us some much needed skills.

For going on to 2000 years, humans have been reading the written word. We are so fortunate to have books easily available to us, to keep a book on the shelf to read over and over again or to refer to when we need to know something. There's something special about holding a book in your hand and turning the page. Or, the next best thing, for those of us limited in space, or travelling, or just trying to keep costs down, are downloadable eBooks. Or if you are tight for time, you can listen to someone read a book on CD or download it to hear it. 

And, of course, since motorcycles are our passion and yours, we have been lucky to have some fantastic authors on our show and have compiled a list of some of these authors. But, there are many, many authors out there who we haven't had on the show, who have written valuable, informative or just plain entertaining books. Peruse your local book store, or check out some authors websites. Pick a book, or two, and put up your feet and take a trip to South America, India, Africa, Europe or wherever your heart desires, plan a motorcycle adventure, or learn a thing or two about riding or repairs.

Guest: Graham Field talks about books and Bulgaria -

California Lane Splitting Made Legal - Will it Pave the Way?

David L. Hough - Author of Proficient Motorcycling

David L. Hough - Author of Proficient Motorcycling

California is the first state to legalize motorcycle lane splitting in Bill No. 51. David Hough, author of Proficient Motorcycling and other books, comes on to ARR to talk about this new bill, what lane splitting is and what it's going to change, if anything.

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