7 Great Reasons & Excuses for a Motorcycle Adventure | All Roads Lead to Manchester with Pete Johnson

Image: Pete Johnson

Image: Pete Johnson

Anyone who rides a motorcycle probably knows what it’s like to find any excuse or reason to ride. Some commute to work, some run all their errands using their bike… out of milk? No problem. Even though it’s easier to jump in your car, you’ll put all your gear on just to ride your bike around the corner. Whether it’s a day trip, a weekend jaunt, or perhaps an even longer adventure, it’s always in the back of a motorcyclists mind just what reason or excuse can they find to ride.

Last week we talked about making a resolution to do an adventure this year, and this week we are giving you some good reasons and excuses to justify it.

1. Stuck, Bored & Sick of Work

Lois Pryce: http://www.loisontheloose.com/
Tired of the cubicle job at BBC, in 2003 at 29 years old, Lois quit her job and set out on a solo adventure, riding from Alaska to Ushuaia.
Adventure Rider Radio Episode: How I Found What I Wanted to Do in Life

2. Escape & Life Change

Scotty Kerekes: Scooter Tramp Scotty
Some go for a few months, some for a few years. Scotty Kerekes has been living on the road for twenty-one years. What started out as a soul searching experience turned in to a lifestyle for him. After being on the road for a year, Scotty realized that there was no turning back. He ended up selling everything he owned except for what fit on his bike, and hit the road… for good. 
Adventure Rider Radio Episode: Living on the Road - Tipping the Scale Between Freedom and Stuff

3. Setting a Record

Carl Reese - www.carlreese.net
Carl Reese set out to break the motorcycle record previously set by George Egloff in 1983, who completed the cross country run in 42 hours. Carl broke the record completing the run in 38 hours and 49 minutes.
Adventure Rider Radio Episode: Endurance Rider Cannonball Run Record

4. Reunite & Reconnect with Friends

Steve Mason, Raymond Danton & Wilson Hutchison - www.thelongwayup.weebly.com
The three were friends and biking buddies in Southwest Scotland in their teens. They eventually drifted apart to different lives, as many of us do, living in different countries. After over 30 years, a chance encounter brings these friends back together and they once again begin doing bike trips. 
Adventure Rider Radio Episode: Pan-American Highway, Motorbikes & Friends - Good Things Come in Threes

5. Moving

Will Wilkins & Kate Macdonell: http://www.wollongongtowoolwich.co.uk/
After living in Australia for 12 years, Will & Kate were feeling homesick for the UK and decided it was time to go home. They could have just booked a flight and within the day been back home. But, instead they decided to turn a moving chore in to an opportunity to travel.
Adventure Rider Radio Episode: Getting There is Half the Fun

6. Snow

Doris Wiedemann: www.doriswiedemann.de
Motorcycles are generally associated with good riding weather. And for most riders that probably means sunshine and warm days. But, there are some die-hards who actually really like cold weather and winter riding.
Adventure Rider Radio Episode: It's Snowing - Perfect Riding Weather?

7. Win a Contest

Pete Johnson: All Roads Lead to Manchester

In this episode, Jim talks to Pete about his theme trip that was realized when he won a ‘Biker Dream’ contest in 2011. Winning meant he had the excuse to do the motorcycle trip he had been planning since 2008, riding from Manchester in the UK to visit 33 towns called Manchester in the United States and Canada. 
Pete is also the moderator of the Chunky Tread Motorcycle Adventure Club on Facebook and Twitter.
Website:  http://unitedstatesofamanchester.blogspot.ca/

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