70: Pan-American Highway, Motorbikes & Friends - Good Things Come in Threes

This is a story about friendship, trust and adventure. Steve Mason, Raymond Danton and Wilson Hutchison were friends and biking buddies in Southwest Scotland in their teens. They eventually drifted apart to different lives, as many of us do, living in different countries. After over 30 years, a chance encounter brings these friends back together and they once again begin doing bike trips together. After a few short adventures, they decide they are ready for something bigger and they take on the Pan-American Highway in February 2015. After about 5 months and 34,000 km (22,000 m) they still remain good friends with great memories and stories to tell.

Website: www.thelongwayup.weebly.com
Books: Ride to the Midnight Sun (buy it here) & Lamas, Bananas and Bears (coming soon)


Jupiter’s Travellers & the Ted Simon Foundation with Iain Harper

Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Ted Simon Foundation, Iain Harper, comes on to ARR and explains what a Jupiter’s Traveller is, and how it came about. He also share some news exclusive to ARR.

Website: www.jupiterstravellers.org

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