Ted Simon Tells Travellers to Get Lost

Images: Ted Simon (courtesy of Iain Harper)

Back in 1973, riding a Triumph Tiger, 42 year old Ted Simon set out from London to travel the world. A couple of years after he returned from the four year adventure, in 1979 Ted published Jupiter’s Travels which became a best selling book, and it remains so today, with over 400,000 copies sold. Ted’s book has had a tremendous influence on motorcyclists and travellers around the world, as people discover his book and dog-eared copies are read over and over again. He is often said to be the godfather of motorcycle travel or adventure.

Images: Ted Simon (courtesy of Iain Harper)

In 2001, Ted retraced the route of his original adventure and found that after almost 30 years, the people he met, the connections he had so valued and the cultures he had experienced all those years ago were no longer the same. That the places he once visited and that had influenced him were vastly different, and he was also surprised to discover that even he had changed.

Now 88 years old, Ted Simon has an opinion about travel and what’s happening with the world, and experience speaks volumes as he shares his thoughts with us.

Website: https://jupitalia.com


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