Jocelin Snow: No Challenge Too Big

Image: Jocelin Snow

From road racing to competing in the GS Trophy in Mongolia, Jocelin Snow has overcome some challenges and obstacles that might have stopped some riders, including recovering from a racing accident and riding a motorcycle some said was too big for her.

Image: Jocelin Snow

International GS Trophy 2018 Mongolia: In June 2018, there were 18 teams that competed in the GS Trophy, including two international female teams. Jocelin Snow was on the AusAmerican team along with Bettina Nedel and Julia Maguire. The AusAmerican team’s overall standing after the grueling 8 day competition was 15th place. More about the GS Trophy:

Here is the story that didn’t make the show, about a stunt gone wrong that ended with a BMW R1200 GS in a swimming pool.

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