Close to Home - Short Motorcycle Adventure Trips - Trevor Marc Hughes

Image: Trevor Marc Hughes

Adventure travel doesn’t mean having to go abroad or to another country when adventure can be found much closer to home. If you have only a weekend or a week or two to take a trip, you can choose destinations closer to home, choose a theme - like a gold rush trail, quirky cafes or rivers - ride for discovery, and just enjoy exploring by motorcycle.

Image: Trevor Marc Hughes

It doesn’t cost as much as a long trip, you don’t need to get a ton of paperwork in order, you can go any time, it’s easier to pack for, you don’t need different currencies and you don’t need special health or motorcycle insurance. You know your country’s culture, you know how things work, so you don’t need to do a lot of planning and figuring. Most times - you can just go at the drop of a hat.

Trevor Marc Hughes grew up in Victoria, BC, Canada and spent many years working in media, as a researcher, an associate producer for independent companies and as an actor. When he worked for CBC Radio in Vancouver covering local issues, it struck him that he never left the news room to see those places he was talking about, even though they were practically in his backyard.

Image: Trevor Marc Hughes

Now living in Vancouver, Trevor has made travelling by motorcycle in British Columbia a major part of his life. He isn’t just talking about places anymore, he’s spending time visiting those places, getting to know the locals and more about his home province.

Trevor Marc Hughes is the author of two books, with another in the works, soon to be published. To purchase Nearly 40 on the 37 and Zero Avenue to Peace Park go to Trevor’s website at :

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