Exploring South America - Ruff on the Road - Jess and Greg Stone in Guatemala

Image: Jess and Greg Stone - Ruff on the Road

Jess and Greg Stone first met in South Sudan, East Africa in 2010 while on assignment with the American Refugee Committee. After a bit of a choppy start, Jess and Greg got together as a couple and when Greg said he was planning to go on a motorcycle trip, Jess offered to go with him. Greg said could only if she learned to ride her own motorcycle. So, she did.

In 2013, the couple returned to the United States, Greg’s home country, and planned their trip to South America. They completed the trip in eight months, and one of the places they liked in particular was Guatemala. So after a stint back in the United States, they moved to Guatemala. And they’ve since brought a dog in to the equation, a German Shepherd, that actually rides on the back of Jess’s bike on a carrier that Greg designed and made. They’ve also connected with some local artisans and are are now making and selling beautiful, brightly coloured dog apparel.

In this episode, Jess and Greg talk about their adventures along the way, challenges faced and with their positive outlook on life, they have some great tips and views that might make your travel, and life, easier.

To find out more about Jess and Greg:

Website: www.ruffontheroad.com & www.roughontheroad.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/RuffontheRoad
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ruffontheroad/
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