Addicted to Moto Travel - Paul and Neake Hannaby

Image & Cover Image: Paul and Neake Hannaby

…there’s a danger to this kind of travel…

There are a lot of different ways you can travel. It might depend on what kind of travel you like or how much time you have. You might be the tourist, moving from one trip highlight to another. You might be someone who likes to take a few weeks to go somewhere and spend a little more time exploring the unknown. Some like to plan longer adventures, going for several months to years, maybe even selling everything off and quitting their jobs. And some leave home and with no definite plans in mind, they just keep on going until… well, maybe there’s no end in sight.

And that’s Paul and Neake who left Australia for a six month adventure, with no concrete plan in mind other than exploring the East Coast of the United States and then seeing how the felt. But, there’s a danger to this kind of travel. They’ve been on the road for going on three years, and at this point, they don’t have any plans to return home, they’re just going to keep on going. They’re in South America right now, until they’re ready to move on. They might be, what you call, addicted to travel.


Images: Paul and Neake Hannaby

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