Rider Skills: Tips For No Stop Turning - Lessons Gone Wrong with Clinton Smout | What's in Your Panniers - Lisa & Simon Thomas

Clinton Smout heads up SMART Adventures in Ontario, Canada

Clinton Smout heads up SMART Adventures in Ontario, Canada

Clinton Smout Teaches No Stop Turning in Soft or Low Traction Environments

Whether you’re riding on or off road, there’s going to be times when you’re in a situation where you have to turn your motorcycle around without stopping, and the surface you’re on presents a challenge. Clinton Smout, motorcycle instructor, has tips for turning adventure bikes around in soft or low traction environments, that can be used both off-road and on-road, and for any motorcycle.

Pro Fails - Have you ever had an experience that in that moment is embarrassing and maybe even stressful? But, later on when you’ve had the chance to get over it you realize just how funny it actually was? Clinton Smout shares some stories like that, when lessons that have gone wrong turn out to be… well, hilarious.

Image: Clinton Smout

Image: Clinton Smout

Clinton Smout - S.M.A.R.T Adventure Programs

For over 20 years, Clinton Smout has been instructing motorcycle riders, ATV riders and snowmobilers at Smart Adventures located at the Horseshoe Resort in Ontario, Canada.
Website: www.smartadventures.ca

DISCLAIMER: This segment is not intended as a substitute for taking a rider training course. We recommend that you work with a professional trainer before trying any of the techniques discussed, or do so at your own risk. Canoe West Media, Adventure Rider Radio and Clinton Smout do not assume any responsibilities for injury and damages, including and not limited to, yourself, another person, motorcycle, etc. 

Lisa & Simon Thomas - What’s in Your Panniers?

Image: Lisa & Simon Thomas

Image: Lisa & Simon Thomas

Lisa and Simon Thomas have been on the road for over fifteen years, and they’ve got packing for motorcycle touring down to a fine art. So, we asked them, what do you have in your panniers?

Website: http://2ridetheworld.com


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