Ruth Belcher: Global Moto Adventures | Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS

Image: Ruth Belcher

Image: Ruth Belcher

Ruth Belcher: Global Moto Adventures

Learning to ride at a young age, Ruth Belcher developed a huge passion for motorcycling. After giving it up to raise her family, she got back in to it again and founded Global Moto Adventures, an organization for women motorcycle riders. Fulfilling her passion for riding again, she now inspires and encourages women to follow their dreams of motorcycle riding and travel.

Starting from just a Facebook page, the Global Moto Adventures website is a resource for women as well as the source for Flock to the Rock, an annual women's motorcycle event, also founded by Ruth. 


Image: Ruth Belcher

Image: Ruth Belcher

Images: Ruth Belcher


Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS

When it comes to using a GPS for motorcycling, more and more riders have been turning to their cell phones to act as a GPS. It could be argued that cellular connectivity and smartphones with fast processors and large screens make it ideal for navigation. And while some GPS manufacturers have been creative by adding features like road warnings, voice guidance and other things to better their GPS units, most still seem to be operating with slow processors and clunky interfaces. All of which make it increasingly difficult to justify the expense of a GPS unit when your smartphone has all that built in. Year after year the big GPS makers have seen their market share slip down while new specialized smart phone navigation apps appear almost monthly. And it has left us riders asking ourselves why we want to shell out the money for a proprietary GPS when we already have a smart phone. 

There’s a new GPS unit that not only functions as a GPS but also as an interface for your motorcycle, ATV or UTV, and even more importantly lets you track your buddies on your screen, the Trail Tech Voyager Pro.

Joshua Barton: Trail Tech; Brand Manager
Travis Chambers: Trail Tech; Senior Mechanical Engineer



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