What You Don't Know About Motorcycle Air Filters

Asking a motorcycle rider what engine oil or tires he recommends is a sure way to spark a deep conversation, debates and even an argument. But when it comes to air filters... they just seem to be a forgotten, yet essential component. So, what should you really be looking for in an air filter? We talked to a mechanic, a racer and an inventor to debunk some common myths and get us focused on what really matters.

Image Source: Guglatechv - https://guglatech.it/en/

Image Source: Guglatechv - https://guglatech.it/en/

Filter PDF (Source: David Petersen - BestRest) Guglatech Rally Raid Ultra 4 Air Filter

Image: Walt Fulton (left); Karl Engellenner (right)

Karl Engellenner: Motorcycle machinist and engine builder, who is now retired from owning and running his engine machine shop, Motorcycle Machining Specialties, in California.  Karl is an expert in engine machine work for all kinds of motorcycle engines, including modifying and machining race engines.

Image: David Petersen; Source: https://.bestrestproducts.com

David Petersen: David and his wife Judy own and operate BestRest Products near Seattle, Washington. 

Website: https://bestrestproducts.com

Image: Christophe Barrière-Varju - Dream Racer

Christophe Barrière-Varju: Christophe is a former motocross champion and has raced in the Dakar Rally four times. The subject of the motorcycle film Dream Racer, he’s also been a co-host in the motorcycle adventure film produced by National Geographic, Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar.

Website: https://www.dreamracer.tv

Credit: Main photo used for this episode courtesy of Christophe Barriere-Varju, Dream Racer.

For the first time in a feature length film, Dream Racer shows the legendary Dakar Rally in its purest form - no sponsors, no multi-million dollar team, not even a mechanic - just one rider, a motorbike, a film maker and the world's most dangerous motor race.

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