Attitude Determines Altitude - Jo Rust

Image & Cover Image: Jo Rust

Images: Jo Rust

From the very beginning Jo Rust has set goals that required determination and perseverance. From riding her bicycle around Africa, to being the first woman to circumnavigate Africa on a motorcycle, she then went on to become the first female brand ambassador for BMW Motorrad South Africa, and one of four accredited female off-road motorcycle instructors in the world. A busy person, she founded BMW GS Girls, a Facebook group connecting women riders. And she was pivotal in paving the way to introducing the first team of women riders to the GS Trophy. Although Jo wanted to participate in the rally, being a certified motorcycle instructor meant that she couldn’t, but she was a marshal at the GS Trophy in Thailand in 2016.

She’s had some big hurdles to overcome, has discovered new passions along the way, and her attitude is that if she says she’s going to do something, she does it. She has a lot of gumption. She told us she plans to study psychology. And we believe she will.

Jo Rust is the founder and owner of Jo Rust Adventures in South Africa, offering off-road motorcycle training and tours. She’s also the author of a book about her adventures in South Africa: Woman Alone Around Africa. Purchase the book on her website at or get the eBook on Amazon at


Images: Jo Rust


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