A Motorcycle Contest Adventure | Rider Skills: Weightless Rider

Luis Castilla started riding a motorcycle as therapy to help him deal with the death of his parents. It was something he became passionate about and in 2014, Luis and a friend rode from Mexico City to the Arctic Circle and back on BMW motorcycles. 
Then in 2015, Luis Castilla entered the Discover More competition with Harley-Davidson. Imagine applying for a job where you get to ride a brand new motorcycle around Europe for three months, and you get paid for it! Not only that but you get to keep the motorcycle at the end of the trip.When Luis entered the contest, he had to submit written and video details to convince the Harley-Davidson team why he should be chosen. And well, with a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning, he must have impressed them. 
In this episode, Luis Castilla tells us how riding a motorcycle and his European summer job changed his life.

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Rider Skills- The Weightless Rider - Bret Tkacs

Improve and master your riding techniques with some great tips from Bret Tkacs from Puget Sound Safety Off Road. Bret is a skilled expert and this episode’s instructor. 

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