Jeffrey Polnaja - The Impossible Journey; Motorcycle Shipping by Land or Sea

Jeffrey Polnaja - First Indonesian Motorcyclist to Ride the World

Before Jeffrey started his around the world motorcycle trip back in 2006, he heard the word “impossible” over and over again. Jeffrey comes from a country where solo world travel isn’t readily embraced by their culture, and travel is more often done in groups. The Indonesian Rupiah currency is very low in value compared to the US dollar. And people told him with the time needed, the distance he would cover, cultural differences and the natural challenges, that it was a far fetched idea and that it was an unattainable dream. 
A solo motorcycle trip around the world seemed absurd to many people in Indonesia, but Jeffrey had other plans. And the more people told him it was futile, the more determined he became.
He slowly gained support through some friends and was sponsored by an adventure gear company for some camping and riding gear. But, after five years of planning and trying to get the financial support he needed to make his journey, he made the decision to sell his company. Then in 2006, with just a basic knowledge of English, and limited funds, he set off on his “Ride For Peace” journey on his GS Adventure.
Jeffrey’s trip was inspired by his son, who after 9/11 asked him why there was so much unjust conflict in the world. He wanted to experience the world and different cultures, and to discover for himself the good and the desire for peace that most people have. He found that you don’t need to have any special skills to take on such an adventure, that any ordinary person can do it. You just need an open mind. 
After 7 years of riding, Jeffrey is back in Indonesia to enlighten people as to what he has found on the road, but he isn’t finished his ride yet, and plans to head out again soon.

** Jeffrey Polnaja is a Jupiter’s Traveller. Find out more about Jupiter’s Travellers at

Book: Wind Rider (Indonesian)

Shipping a Motorcycle - Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson, from Horizons Unlimited, shares his wealth of information about bike shipping. Which is better, air or sea shipping? There are some pitfalls that you need to know about before you grab that inexpensive shipping option that may turn out to be a lot more costly and aggravating than you bargained for. For more information on shipping your bike, go to Horizons Unlimited. 


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