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Rider Skills: It's All Riding Down Hill From Here - Clinton Smout

Riding instructor, Clinton Smout, teaches how to ride a motorcycle downhill in the dirt. When you approach a hill and have to go down, what do you do? Smout takes us from the top to the bottom using the most advanced methods. He says the key is all in what you do with the front brake.

40: Should You Take an Off-Road Riding School Course? | China Motorcycle Documentary in the Making

We look at off-road riding schools beginning with PSSOR this week. Do you really need lessons to ride your adventure bike off road or can you learn through the school of hard knocks. After-all isn't that how the pros learned?

2: What's the Definition of a Motorcycle Adventure?

With special guests Dave Barr, Dr. Greg Frazier and Richard Jeynes we talk adventure - what is it, how does it qualify as an adventure, and what does it take to achieve it?