23: Around Africa: Woman Alone


Jolandie Rust - South African Motorcycle Adventurer


Meet Jolandie Rust, affectionately known as Jo, who inadvertently became the first woman to circumnavigate the entire African continent riding solo on a motorcycle. Really, it wasn’t her original plan, but circumstances changed her goals, just a bit. From pedal power to motor power, Jo tells a story about overcoming fears and living her dream. Starting out on her bicycle, she got part way through her trip before she was the victim of an armed robbery. She returned home, but not feeling defeated she was able to purchase a used BMW F650GS Dakar, learned to ride and then Jo began her journey again andtravelled over 45,000 km through 28 countries in just 18 months. But, she hasn’t stopped there. She is now training for her next challenge… well tune in to hear all about it. An inspiring story of determination and perseverance, join show host Jim Martin, as Jo regales us about her many adventures in Africa.