24: Bonneville Go or Bust


Zoe Cano - Bonneville Go or Bust

A determined woman with no long distance riding experience, who realized her dream of riding across North America on a Triumph Bonneville. With no money and no time, and no way to get her beloved motorbike across the Atlantic Ocean, she dreamed and planned for four years to realize her adventure of riding on the ‘roads less travelled’ across the United States. In 2012, with just a T100 for company, she travelled over 9000 km in the hottest summer on record. In a book she never planned to write, Zoe shares her incredible experiences in her book “Bonneville Go or Bust - on the roads less travelled”. 

Zoe’s blog: www.bonnevilleadventure.blogspot.com

Twitter: @bijoulatina

Published by Road Dog Publications: http://www.roaddogpub.com/node/427