33: Tiffany Coates - Grand Adventures - Part One


Tiffany Coates

Part 1 of Tiffany Coates' Grand Adventures

Considered the world’s foremost female bike adventurer, Tiffany Coates has covered more miles than any other solo female rider. She’s a well travelled motorcyclist, visiting many countries and having ridden over 200,000 miles. In 1997, Tiffany and her best friend Becky took a crash course for beginner motorcycle riders, got their licenses and few months later Tiffany set out on her first bike trip of many to come. Now an international freelance motorcycle guide, Tiffany is still always on the lookout for adventure on two wheels.

Intrigued? Ladies, do you want to join Tiffany on an all woman’s tour in India this summer? Check out the tour she is leading on Royal Enfield bikes at www.hctravel.co.uk/html/ladakh_ladies.html.

Twitter: @tiffanystravels

Website: www.tiffanystravels.co.uk

BMW short documentary on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCaCl-G3RFg