21: Aussies Overland - Shirley Hardy-Rix & Brian Rix


Aussies Overland

Hundreds of Thousands of Kilometres and still addicted to motorcycle-travel

Brian Rix has been riding motorcycles since he was young on his father’s farm near Victoria in Australia, mustering sheep during his school holidays on a motorbike. Passionate about travel, he dreamed of travelling around the world on a motorcycle. Lucky for Brian, his wife Shirley Hardy-Rix enjoyed riding pillion and agreed to go along for the ride. 

So in 2003, Brian, a career policeman and Shirley, who had her own media business, took time off from their normal middle class life and fulfilled their lifelong ambition of motorcycling around the world on a BMW 1150GS. In one year, they traversed 27 countries and rode more than 56,000 kilometres.

And then in 2011, Brian and Shirley, both now retired, shipped their 2008 BMW 1200GS Adventure to Santiago, South America and rode from the bottom of South America to the top of North America, then through Western Europe and Southern Africa, visiting 5 countries altogether and covering over 80,000 kilometres. All in 16 months. 

They have shared their adventures by writing two books, “Two for the Road” and “Circle to Circle”, an inspiration for anyone who wants to experience the world by motorcycle, especially happy couples riding pillion.


Join us as we talk to Brian and Shirley, a spirited couple who decided to live life to the fullest and just do the ‘big trip’ they dreamed about. 


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