20: Nick Sanders - The Fastest Man Around The World


The Fastest Man Around the World by Motorcycle

Nick Sanders is the fastest man to ride around the world on a motorcycle. 

But its not like you think. Nick is well known, famous, for his endurance LD moto adventures. Solo trips racing across the world in search of another travel record. Yet, after 4000,000 miles of high speed world adventure, with all the dynamics of country to country travel Nick has NOT had even one accident! You may never meet a man more attuned to his two wheels than this one. How many flat tires do you think Nick has changed throughout his career? Just listen - you won't believe this...

Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders is the Ultimate Long Distance Motorcycle Rider

Nick is certainly the long distance motorcycle rider, but if you think hes all about just getting on a bike and riding it, well you haven't got to know Nick. On this episode of Adventure Rider Radio Nick discusses his own technique for LD riding and some much deeper subjects about the ride. Your ride.


Find out mmore about Nick Sanders at his website.