An African Motorcycle Adventure About... Fruit? | When Chance Decides Your Travel Route

Every now and again, we hear about motorcycle adventure stories, that have, well let's say a twist to them. So, how exactly do you tie in fruit or dice on a motorbike trip? This week Max MacGillivray and Isaac Simonelli share their unusual stories with us, and maybe you'll get some great ideas of how you can make your adventure a little different from the norm.

Image: Max MacGillivray | The Great Fruit Adventure

Image: Max MacGillivray | The Great Fruit Adventure

Max MacGillivray: The Great Fruit Adventure

Max MacGillivray has a strong background in the farming and fresh produce industry, and a passion for healthy foods. He's also a motorcyclist. And three years ago, he made a plan to ride from London to Cape Town in Africa, to promote the benefits of fruits and vegetables to parents and their children. He and dairy specialist, Gareth Jones set out to create awareness, visiting food producers and schools along the way. And after a three month trip, they plan to carry on their mission in the UK, inspiring and educating children on healthy eating.

Isaac Simonelli - A Roll of the Dice, Which Road to Take?

What happens when you let the roll of the dice determine your next move on a motorcycle trip around the world? Isaac Simonelli left his job at a newspaper in Thailand for a year long adventure, and so far he's been through Southeast Asia and in to Africa. He lets the roll of the dice determine what he eats, where he sleeps and where he rides to next. Jim talked to him when he was in Kenya, will he still be there when this show airs or have the dice allowed him to move on and to where?

A quick glimpse of Dice Travels. All shots taken by the guy on the motorcycle. ( Music by Fleslit

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