How Connections Make the Best Motorcycle Adventure Stories

Sharing stories about connections and kindness through their motorcycle travel experiences, Sam Manicom, Todd Blubaugh and Leon Logothetis tell some inspiring, feel good anecdotes that make us realize how important it is to reach out to people wherever you go. Both for what you receive and for what you give. 

Travel Changes Us, and We Come Away Different People

We've often heard from those who travel on a motorcycle about how it's the people they met who made all the difference in their experience. That people are basically the same all over the country or the world. And how being on a motorcycle makes it so much easier to connect with others. When we are so 'out there', open and perhaps vulnerable, we often form connections, which lead to friendships, emotional healing, acts of kindness, conquering fears, building trust, growing confidence, and so much, much more. Travel changes us, and we often come away different people. 

Image: Sam Manicom

Image: Sam Manicom

An unlikely hero saves Sam Manicom’s life, just because he took the time to ask...

Sam Manicom: The Importance of Connections

Sam Manicom, is a renowned motorcycle adventurer, speaker and the author of four books. He's been to many places around the world, has experienced different cultures and met a lot of people while on his travels. He has a wealth of information that he shares with our listeners as a frequent guest on Adventure Rider Radio and as a regular co-host on ARR RAW. And Sam knows the value of connecting with people, how simple gestures or conversations can lead to life changing experiences or open your eyes to different perspectives. And he knows that connections can make the story.


Leon Logothetis: The Kindness Diaries

You may know Leon Logothetis, world adventurer and philanthropist, from The Kindness Diaries, book and TV show. Or perhaps you've met or seen him on his travels as he rode his yellow vintage motorcycle with a sidecar around the world. In his documented pursuit of kindness, Leon shares how human connections make anything possible, and how sharing with others tells a good story.
The Kindness Diaries book is available through, and other major outlets, go to his website at for more information. The Kindness Diaries TV Show is now available on Netflix.

“A truly inspirational story of adventure, that will have you looking at strangers through new eyes.”
— Jim Martin, Adventure Rider Radio Host


Todd Blubaugh: Too Far Gone

After Todd Blubaugh, motorcycle builder and photographer, experienced a major upset in his life, he set out on a trip from Seattle to New York City. He spent six months on the road, connecting with riders in the motorcycle culture, making personal discoveries and recording his journey through word and photography. When Todd came back from his adventure, he wrote a book full of telling and inspirational photos, with a unique concept of personalization that pulls you in to his story.
Todd's book, Too Far Gone, is available on Amazon at and through Ginko Press at

“A stunning and unique moto coffee table book, regardless of the bike you ride.”
— Jim Martin, Adventure Rider Radio Host

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