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Image: Spencer Conway and Cathy Nel

Caught Up in a Criminal Sting - with Spencer Conway

Image: Spencer Conway

Spencer Conway and Cathy Nel are on a circumnavigation of Central America, then the USA and Canada. They recently flew their motorcycle from Bogata into Panama. This is Spencers 127th country on the same bike, and by now Spencer and Cathy are well accustomed to dealing with importing their motorcycle and with border crossings in general. And although they had all the necessary paperwork in order, and they thought everything was going as expected, there was one thing they didn’t bargain for - and that was to be caught up in a major criminal sting.


Cover Image and This Image: Spencer Conway

Just the Facts - Tire Facts

What causes tires to cup? How much pressure can you run? How do you tell how old your tire is? We talked to a tire expert, T.J. Tennent, and got all these these answers and more. 

Image: T.J. Tennent

T.J. Tennent

A former road racer and Vice-President of Engineering at Bridgestone Firestone, T.J. is a global motorcycle tire expert who ran Bridgestone Racing. He recently developed and tested the Bridgestone H50 tire for Harley Davidson and is a chief motorcycle rider coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

T.J Tennent now heads up Tennent and Associates, a global forensics firm specializing in tire failure analysis, law enforcement tire failure analysis training and fleet training, including motorcycle tires.

Images: T.J. Tennent


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