Notes From the Road Vol. IV - Derek Mansfield & Motorcycle Chains


Derek Mansfield - Notes From the Road Vol. IV

This book arrived, quite unexpectedly in our mail box a few months ago. We pondered the paper wrapping and wax seal and thought of what it might be. On opening, we discovered Derek Mansfield’s book, Notes From the Road Vol. IV. It’s a unique book about a journey across west, central and eastern Europe, describing the details and experiences in those places where Derek travelled, and not just the place itself. Derek’s use of words and descriptions are like the thoughts that run through our heads, but we never utter. And when you read them, you are exactly where he wants you to be.

Motorcycle Chains

Mike Hager from Regina USA and Robert Palmer from D.I.D Racing Chain discuss with Jim Martin, ARR host, the technicalities of motorcycle chains. Some of the topics they cover are what do the numbers mean and what’s the difference between an o-ring chain and x-ring chain.

Mike Hager
Regina Chain USA

Robert Palmer
D.I.D Racing Chain

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