5 ARR RAW: Doing it With a Partner, Laptop Survival and Newbie Travelling Motorcycle Riders

ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers.

Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom and Jim Martin. With guests Susan Johnson and Rene Cormier.

Episode 5 Topics:

Doing it With a Partner:

                Jim Martin - Host of ARR RAW

                Jim Martin - Host of ARR RAW

This topic was inspired by Shirley & Brian who on their travels met many men living their dream that missed their other half. Some had their partner fly in to travel with them for a while, others had relationships break up on the road or falter while away. One person they knew even travelled with a helmet hoping to meet that special someone.
- discussions on riding with your partner, pros and cons

Laptop Survival:

Ideas on taking care of your laptop during travel. Do you really need one? Best methods for photo storage, etc. 

Newbie Travelling Motorcycle Riders:

A lot of the time, we hear that people plan a ride and take off for their multi country trip with not much riding experience, and quite often there are issues that arise becasue of a lack of riding skills.
- should a course be considered before embarking on a big trip?
-advice for someone who doesn't have much experience but desperately wants to travel and won't be thwarted.

Picks & Plugs

Jim Martin

PICK: Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System
Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

PLUG: BackRoad Wanders
- this summer we will be doing a jeep adventure in British Columbia and the Yukon, filming for a new web video series called Northward Quest for Gold.
- we’ll be exploring gold rush trails and ghost towns of the Fraser, Cariboo and Klondike Gold Rushes
- we’ll also be doing audio recordings and sharing them throughout the summer on BackRoad Wanders podcasts. 
- all of this will be available for free to download, and the videos will be released in the spring of 2016 and available on youtube and on our website at www.backroadwanders.org

Co-Hosts: Shirley Hardy Rix & Brian Rix

Co-Hosts: Shirley Hardy Rix & Brian Rix

Shirley Hardy-Rix & Brian Rix - www.aussiesoverland.com.au

PICK: Mick Doohan - Protective riding gear

PLUG: New book out this week! "The Long Way to Vladivostok". Will be available on Amazon. Check back for update!  http://www.aussiesoverland.com.au

This year at the 2015 Pramac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix down at Phillip Island, former MotoGP champion, Mick Doohan, was part of the Spokes ambassadors 'Legends on Two Wheel's', alongside Troy Bayliss, Wayne Gardner and young gun Remy Gardner.

Sam Manicom - www.sam-manicom.com

Co-Host: Sam Manicom

Co-Host: Sam Manicom

PICK: Ashes to Boonville by Geoff G Thomas
Great story of a ride on Triumph Tigers across Russia, and Asia to the USA, of a big time tight budget. Shows what can be done. Really honest writing. Several threads. Both written from the heart and poignant but don't take over. Magic descriptions that will have the reader standing next to Geoff.

PLUG: Got a busy time coming up in the USA: 7 weeks in May and June riding Arizona and South California on an Al Jesse BMW F800GS. 
- Overland Expo West in Flagstaff Arizona – May 20th to 22nd – Presentations on Vietnam and Norway, classes on Sponsorship, Travel on the Cheap, getting your book published and a series of round table sessions. http://www.overlandexpo.com/west/
- The BMW 49er Rally in Mariposa California – May 26th to 29th – Presentation https://bmwnorcal.wildapricot.org/ 
- San Diego BMW – June 9th – Presentation evening from 6pm http://www.sdbmwmc.com/
- BMW Motorcycles of Santa Clarita - June 11th Presentation 5-7 pm http://www.bmwmotorcyclesofsantaclarita.com/
- Riverside BMW  –  June 18th Presentation – Time TBA.

Grant & Susan Johnson - www.horizunsunlimited.com

Co- Host Grant Johnson with Guest Susan Johnson - Horizons Unlimited

Co- Host Grant Johnson with Guest Susan Johnson - Horizons Unlimited

PICK: Dylan SamaraWickrama's story and book about his RTW trip, including building a raft and powering it with his motorcycle to sail around the Darien Gap between Panama and Colombia.
Book:  When the Road Ends, The Tale of an Incredible Journey

PLUG: HU Ontario is now less than a month away - June 9-12! Lots of great presentations and workshops and a great new venue. All the details: www.horizonsunlimited.com/events/ontario-2016
HUBB UK follows right on its heels - June 16-19! The largest HU event worldwide is back at a fantastic new venue. We've already got over 50 presenters, including Dylan Samarawickrama and Sjaak Lucassen, the crazy Dutchman who went around the world on an R1! http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/events/hubbuk-2016
We're particularly pleased that the venue, Baskerville Hall supports off-road rider training and riding. We'll be doing both classroom and on-bike sessions, and have lined up some big guns for this - Ramey 'Coach' Stroud, Lee Walters and David Knight. On Saturday, riders can put their freshly-honed skills to the test against a course for the inaugural HUBB Adventure Travel Challenge (ATC)!

RAW Guest: Rene Cormier - www.renedian.com

An around the world motorcycle traveller, Rene Cormier is also an Africa motorcycle safari guide and the found of Renedian Adventures. He is the author of The University of Gravel Roads.


PICK/PLUG: A free evening of adventure at select BMW Motorrad dealers with Rene Cormier - Fun evening of talks and giving away a $1000 gift certificate at every talk.

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