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Motorcycle Riding Dogs & Is It the End of the 650 Single Cylinder?

Who doesn’t love their furry friend going everywhere with them? You take them in your vehicle, on hikes, for walks, they sleep in your bed (don’t deny it), and for many, they are simply one of your best friends, even like family. 

Motorcycle Riders from Diverse Cultures with Common Grounds - Madagascar Adventure with July Behl & Innovative Soft Luggage System with Adam Owens

July Behl, was one of the six finalists for the United People of Adventure project organized by Touratech, with their initiative being to unite riders from different continents, cultures and speaking different languages, through their love of adventure motorcycling and travel. 

Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Ride - - Daniel Rintz, Scooter Tramp Scotty, Michelle Hope, Ian Coates, Ara Gureghian

Not for all people, but quite often for many of us, when we leave on a trip, be it a few weeks, months or a year or more, we face emotional and financial hurdles. First we spend time planning, and we reach a point where we have crossed all our t’s and dotted all our i’s. We know exactly how things are going to go, where we will be and how much money we need, or so we think.

Mary McGee - Woman Motorcycle Legend & Brad Barker - Operation Ecuador

Mary McGee is truly an inspirational rider, who has paved the way for many women competitors and riders alike. She started out racing cars in the 1950’s and then got in to motorcycle road racing, enduro, motocross and finally vintage racing in the 2000’s. She started racing long before it was acceptable for women, racing against men simply because there weren’t any women’s classes in racing.