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Motorcycle Pannier Kitchens: Tips for Camp Cooking on the Road

Camp meals should be more than just hot dogs and granola. This episode we talk to long time motorcycle travellers, Lisa & Simon Thomas, about their new book Dirty Dining and Ara Gureghian, a five star chef who's been living off his motorcycle for over a decade. They give some valuable tips on camp cooking especially when space and supplies are limited.

Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Ride - - Daniel Rintz, Scooter Tramp Scotty, Michelle Hope, Ian Coates, Ara Gureghian

Not for all people, but quite often for many of us, when we leave on a trip, be it a few weeks, months or a year or more, we face emotional and financial hurdles. First we spend time planning, and we reach a point where we have crossed all our t’s and dotted all our i’s. We know exactly how things are going to go, where we will be and how much money we need, or so we think.