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David L. Hough on Counter Steering Motorcycles & Max Stratton on Charging Systems

79 year old David L. Hough has been riding motorcycles for more than 50 years. He and his wife, Diana, have travelled extensively by motorcycles in North & South America, central Europe, the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. While employed at The Boeing Company in Seattle for more than 36 years, he mostly commuted to work by motorcycle. 

75: Mushers & Motorcycles - The 9 Minute Moto Film Festival

Nevil Stow, an ex-dogsled guide, is a world adventure motorcycle rider. His fervor for riding and other adventures, has progressed into the 9 Minute Moto Film Festival at the Mad Dog Cafe in Dead Mans Flats in Alberta...Talk motorcycles, and Max Stratton gets excited. His enthusiasm and passion for motorcycling is heard in his voice...