27: Nathan and Dorothy's Postie Bike Adventure and Three Day Planning


Postie Bike Rider - Nathan Millward Tours the Globe

Nathan and Dorothy have enjoyed a special relationship over the years. Dorothy is getting up there in years, but after she retired from the Australian Postal service, she was still going strong and joined Nathan as he traversed around the world. They’ve been very close, travelling together from Sydney to London, covering 23,000 miles, through 18 countries in 9 months, with only THREE DAYS PLANNING! How is that even possible? Then a few years later, Dorothy put her trust in Nathan again and they rode across America in 3 and a half months, through Canada and the United States travelling 8,000 miles. Oh, did we mention that Dorothy is a ‘postie bike’, a 2004 Honda CT110 used to deliver the mail in Australia? That’s right. In this story about a guy who seems to like to jump in with both feet and just go for it, we hear all about Nathan Millward’s adventures with dependable Dorothy.


Author of two books, The Long Ride Home and Running Towards the Light, Nathan regals the reader with tales of his and Dorothy’s challenging, and sometimes frustrating, world trips. 



His two books are available at his website above.